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It's Earth Hour babayy! =D
OMG, I'm so damn happy right now, like SERIOUSLY ! Cause.....I'M GOING TO WORK IN  A PETSHOP, *woof woof* Hooyeah! I'm such an animal lover, don't I ? xD 
Yeah, as I tweeted, I work just for the DSLR's sake (I wanna get one to shiok sendiri ;D ), if not, I won't want to work, I'm such a lazy bum ( and I know that ._________. ) 
Everyone is starting college, even my girls are going to college soon *sigh*. I'm the last one among the GANGS.

January intake : MiMi aka Mi Shyuan, =D
April : Ice-Cream aka Min Yuan, =D
May : Alvin
June : Jia Le, Ah Boon, So zai Tham =D, Dar-LING ;)
July : Your's truly, D=

I just don't know what else to do besides managing the blogshop. =-/ FML. 3 months and 3 days till my college starts. Right now, I'm finding room/room mates in KL Sentral, somewhere near brickfields. But heck, no one email/call me. And now, everyone is expecting me to come back to Seremban everyday until I get a room. FML again, what a waste of my time. The crap KTM always cramp like *whatever* , especially 5 pm to 6 pm. Ughhh. Just wait and see,I'll try my best to get a room ASAP. =.=

Just read someone's blog an hour ago, mad sweet wei =D 
Okay la, as a close friend, I'll always support both of you no matter what. (See...I'm such a good good friend xD) And hell yeah, both of you  do not disappoint us ya. (Alvin, I'm pin-pointing at you , lol )
Me ? Not getting into any relationship yet, cause I made a deal with someone, Ughhh. A bad deal =.= And yeah, what the girls said were right, why I'm so rushing? All I got is time, time and more time ! Sometimes, you just gotta move on, it's not like you're going to stop there forever cause your life still goes on... This is what I thought and I don't know how others think about it. *No offence ya =)
Eeeeek, gotta ciao first, movie and drama session, wooooooooootz !

p/s : I'm moving on, that's what you call -- Good life
p/ss : But, if you fall for me, I'm not easy to please ;)

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  1. Thks charmain...will not dissapoint you all...gonna start college school...bored life ahead...

  2. Hey, what's the deal. Hadn't chat with ya for ages dy... felt as if I'm missing a lot here...


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