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Was having lotsa fun in One Utama yesterday. Mad tired and sweating like nobody's business, but it's worth the paid also. They were having some events for Women's Day. I saw lotsa Malaysian Artist/band and Datin Paduka Zaiton (Dr Mahathir's daughter). Vince Chong and Aizat (from Akademi Fantasia), Dayang Nurfaizah, Wakaka Group ( from Battleground' 09), Jim Hackman, One Nation and etc etc (Can't name it all out). OMG, Vince Chong is chooooooooo handsome and macho! I took a picture with Vince Chong, Kak.Fazrena too! She was crazy over him. I'm waiting for her to upload the photos that we had taken yesterday =D

So, there was a cheer leading performance. Mum and Kak.Fazrena said the girls are so PLASTIC (if you get what I mean =D) 

And this is Vince Chong from Akademi Fantasia. Told ya that Kak. Fazrena were shouting and screaming for Vince Chong. SPOT Vince Chong?? Hahaha!

They are having a walkathon from the Central Park Bandar Utama. The first to go is the STARBUCKS team. Boo! 

After the walkathon, there were tons and tons of programmes going on. Hip-hop and B-Dance performance. Warm up from the Celebrity Fitness and Live performance from all the Malaysia Artist/Band. All the Malay songs damn nice wey, it was so much more better than chinese song =D 
OMG, there's another Carnival I have to attend this coming Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is the International Hot Air Balloon @ PutraJaya. Ish, I don't feel like going there! 

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