Love Muse, Love Zildjian

3:42 PM

Current Music : Undisclosed Desire by Muse

OMG, My mum love this song so much! Whenever this song plays inside the car , she'll hit the steering wheel like she is playing the drum. Whoa, told ya, she's way too cool for me! Even dad also like this song. Ughhh, both of em' are drummers =.= Sooner or later, they have to change the steering wheel xD

Ohh yeah! When I see Muse (Maaan, they are the best band ever!), I think of Zildjian!

OMG! Zildjian Drumsticks! Aaron has one of this (but it's not black!)
Have to bug dad to buy me one! *wink*

It seems like dad is ok with it when I told him I want to learn drum! Wootz, am waiting for the day!! =D

Gotta blog kao kao before I'm leaving to Genting tomorrow. Ughh.

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  1. Eh gal, pick up drums ah.. haha... It's really really cool!! kakaka...


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