Phone Maniac.

1:33 PM

Phone fever is backkkkkk. Yeah, thanks to dad =.= Since I got ok-results for my SPM, dad said he will get me a blackberry-like phone, probably a nokia E series phone. Errr, I want a sidekick phone, it is soooo chio, love it to the max !!

Eeeeek, I don't know how good is this phone, but I will just give it a try =D

I love this Nokia sidekick Music express phone. Chiio to the max =D

I have to choose either one, FML. I'm not a big fan of Nokia, cause I just hate their kolot designs. Ish, I really don't know la, dad just called few days ago, he said he's going outstation and ask me to choose the phone ASAP. Yeah, I'm still choosing cause I have no idea which one I want  .______________.
Gotta ciao first, going out with the dudes and duchess in less than one hour.

p/s: I'm going to take E63, but the specs are kinda sucks =/

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