If our love is a fairytale

9:58 PM

Current Music : True Colours by Kasey Chambers

Just came back from Jusco. I was having Karaoke Session with Wesler, Mee  and the other 3 girls. I tell you, I was bored to death! At least, the dudes and duchess are not as boring as them, at least we can still hog at the Chicken Rice Shop or Hongkie, chat like nobody's business and laugh like there is no tomorrow. (Ish, I'm starting to miss them). I met Gilbert, have a little chit chat after that, I'm  glad to see him again ! Wooooooootz!

Another babe with LOVE problem, *sigh* *shakes head* I can't do anything and I'm lost also cause I'm having the same problem. Like SERIOUSLY, Why do I like him? Ughhhh, when the girls start talking about the topic, it makes me wanna fall more for him. OR maybe, I'm already falling for him =( Oh please please please, I just wanna forget about it =-/

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