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Even if you are a million miles away , I could still feel you in my bed ..

Oh great! I spent half my day in SUC. Me, mum and my (duh..) bro went there to have our brunch. We were there at 12 noon, and went home at 5 , butt hurts badly as I sat there for 5 hours. Ya, thanks to mum and her friend. SUC having new year buffet brunch ( it was stated on the notice board) , and puh-lease! I would never want to go to those buffet brunch or lunch or whatever it is which costs 15 ++ per person, NO, not ever again! There's lack of food, and not much variety of it. Ah ah, except for the prawns! Damn, prawns are my all time favourite (that is why they call me prawn mee, duh...) I hope my cholestrol level does not rise, I had been eating a lot of seafood lately, especially prawns (damn cute leh wey..)!

Oh well, SUC is as boring as last time. This is so unbelievable, I went to the playground and played with the kids. I wonder if I have other better things to do instead of playing with the kids.

Kendrick (My brother) & Charles.

The (cute) prawns I ate. Damn pity, there were only the heads left xD

The wholewheat bread + the I-don't-know-brand butter = I don't know what I'm eating

What a mess, I keep on taking new dishes.

My orangey juicey!

I was so damn boring, I sat on the couch and I took this,what?? The Crystal Glass, LOL

OMG, 3 seasons bar? Well, I thought there are 4 ? Funny.

I was boring and I played this =.=

Me : Charles, why are you hiding there?
Charles : The sun is scorching and I don't want to burn myself.

What should I call this?

Chester, My borther and Charles.

Now you can see how boring I am. All I do is eat and eat and eat, sit and sit and sit. Man, I don't want to have big butt, but I want to grow fat. Oh ya, met Cheok in SUC . Boy oh boy, same old him. We chat for a little while, and he will be going for January intake in UCSI , Foundation in Logistic Management *gulps* No joke. I'm happy for him cause he knows what he wants.

Yup,I'm going to the MIST club @ bangsar tomorrow. See you guys there!

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