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Gosh, it's the first day of school ( Not me, of course). I don't know why I woke up so early, and went to my brother's new school (MHSS). 18 new students, and all together 30 students in the school! Can you actually believe it? 30 students in that school. Man,this is unbelievable. I was damn shocked when I knew that there are only 7 of the FORM 5 students. Unlike my (sucks) school, 500++ students (Form 1- Form 5) ! But, I saw a lot of leng zais' (smart looks, elegant, well-attired) in my brother's new school. *OMG* Girls are quite pretty as well. I saw 2 leng luis'.

Now, I wonder when it's mua turn to go to college. It really stress me up when it comes to college issues, making decisions, and blah blah blah. I'm still thinking whether to take FORM 6 or FOUNDATION. Gawd, Why must I torture myself, I don't wanna suffer from high blood pressure just for the sake of Form 6. If I really have no other ways, I'll just get my butt stuck in Form 6 (Either St.Paul or Methodist High School Seremban).
When I browse the the internet about FOUNDATION , it really gives me a heart attack. S.A.M costs RM 40k and AUSMAT costs 50k. *OMG* I can buy thousands of clothes and bags with that sum of money!
Is Form 6 really that good? I'm not saying anything bad about Form 6, but is it necessary to go for Form 6?Everyone is taking Form 6 this year!  I the cert. is good and I know that for those who had finished their Form 6, they can go straight to (Hons.)Degree. Then, what if I fail my STPM?(I'm not a top student nor a stupid student) =.= Such a waste right?
Damn, why is it so difficult to find colleges that offer FOUNDATION in International Business? *smack head*


Banking and Finance investment or International Business?

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