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Gawd, this Taiwan drama is so touching. I cry whenever I watch this drama. Like, who doesn't watch this romantic drama right?? OMG, Van Ness Wu is so damn handsome ! I like the scene when he kiss and hug the girl. Gawd, that was so romantic * heart melt*
But most of the Taiwan drama has the same storyline. Rich kid loves a moderate girl, after that make their promise to each other that they will not leave each other no matter what. And then, the rich kid's parent disapprove their relationship, cause the girl is poor and bla bla bla(bullcraps). The rich kid's parent give her the money and ask her to stay away from their son,the girl then leave the boy without letting him know.
This is why I hate Taiwan Drama! The same old storyline =.=
I watch this drama cause I'm bored and mum was watching it. Well, at least this movie makes me believe that love fairytales are still exist after I went through some hard times.. *sad*

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