The ambassador of The Gardens II

5:29 PM

Me and my darling <3
Hahahaha, we are "in a relationship"! ROFL

This is what they named it, BLUE OCEAN.

I LOVE you =D

You LOVE me =D

Finally, we had our dinner at Sushi Zenmai! I was like, what the hell is going on?? I was so damn full and almost puke when I eat sushi. Argghh, I would never ever touch sushi again (Long story)


Cold Soba, Tempura, and Unagi (If I'm not mistaken)

I was not in a sushi mood, cause I wanted to eat chinese food.

Currently not in a blogging mood, wanted to watch Taiwan drama again. So, I'm  gonna end with a picture.

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  1. two playing a game of "I LOVE YOU"?...mind if I join in?....just kidding...haha

  2. Walao yeah, you got ....*ahem*Hahahaha

  3. Just kidding la...'ahem'...I LOVE ICE CREAM only...

  4. I know la, geli yer....!!


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