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This is crazy, I don't really know what is happening with my blog layout as the side bar just went down, below my posts. It crack my head to solve this *ahem* situation. Argh !
Anyway,I promised that I'll post the pictures up, yay, so here they are!

MIST @ Bangsar.

I shopped till I dropped!

The Killer Heels! Thought of buying this, but, I'm afraid the same thing might happen

The Bar is packed with clothes!

Bags and Bags ! I just love bags!

Blazer (leather), it only costs RM 45!

This I-don't-know-guy was buying tee. Actually, something attracted him. LOL

2 DJs went up the stage to show their talent, but actually Edward ( white shirt) is a professional hair stylist. You got the check out their blogsite (click)

Chillax! RM 5 per beer (mug) before 8pm.

LOL, I bought this leather bag from (clickey)
It attracted me when I shopped for bags, ya, it because of its chain thingy.

Gawd, I just love this! It can match with white tank and short denim.
p/s : I'm good at these, trust me. LOL

Ooh! Cupcakes! BEWARE : High sugar content, xD

I ate this and it was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

Mei after then belanja us another 2 cupcakes, she said it was too sweet for her and she's getting hyper. I can get diabetes if I eat them 7 days in a row *gulp* No joke!

GoodBye, the MIST! Guess we'll meet some other day!

♥ Euphorie - éclatant

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