12:24 PM

Currently watching GHOST WHISPERER. And, I don't really know why I love to watch such shit arse horror movie. I watched Ju-On ( New movie) past few days and it really scared the shiat out of me.

OMeffing goodness, the damn poster is sooo horrible.

Plan to watch this at 12.a.m. xD

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  1. It's just a person who uses wrong facial accessory to makeup his or her skin...if want horror...go visit cemetery at 12am in midnight...it's better...haha

    Where got geli la...it's normal you know?

  2. ju-on.....i haven't watch yet. i always watch horror movie after my spm test ,in morning i watch love story or movie , at night i watch horror movie .............don't watch too much later you afraid go to toilet by yourself!!!!


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