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Current Music : Sexy Love by Ne-Yo

Ish ish ish, I miss out the fun! It's Ne-Yo, babe!

Gawd, this is Ne-Yo !

I wanna to go to his LIVE concert so damn much! Too bad, it's on weekday,I can't make it! Shiat! I missed AAR last year, and I also missed Akon's LIVE concert! Sad case. Arghh! MuhHui just
sent me a picture that she took it from her hostel. Dayummm, the lights are still on, and they can hear Ne-Yo's voice so damn clear at their hostel =( Know what? I'm listening to Ne-Yo's song through Windows Media Player! Not fun!

Having make-up lessons today. *faint* My face! Arghh. Mum is one of Mary Kay's beauty consultant, as well as her friend, a beauty consultant also, but higher rank! *wink* Yay, so I'm having my first day of make-up lesson, and I'm one of my mum's student =.= And OMG, can't believe that I actually look pretty with simple make-up, but Nah~ So troublesome, gotta put foundation, eye cream, and then make-up remover, eye make-up remover etc etc. I still have to  know a lil bit of make-up basics since I'm going to college.  Yea, just as what my mum said, " I ask you to make-up not because of "fat hao", it's a way to show your politeness.Understand!?" Whenever I refused to make-up, she'll repeat the same thing, duh...=.= Ish! Make-up lessons will be continue on next week.

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  1. O...I thought Neyo in it GY joking at facebook that day?

    But to me...a person who didnt make up also can express her long as inside him or her is pure...


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