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Owh k, I've been cracking my damn head up to make my final decision.

Malaysia or Singapore?!

In the end, I still don't know. This is so crap, FML. Dad wants me to study abroad in Singapore, and mum was like , " No no! The living expenses/expenditures are very expensive.The fees are expensive also, as well as the foreign exchange rate. But if you really want, then you go and apply for the tuition grant!" Mum had actually planned everything, and I would go for HELP University College right after I take my results. And yea, no more A-Levels, but taking foundation in HELP UC. Some of them encourage me to go for Taylor's Business school cause they offer good Business Studies, as well as twinning programme offered by University of Adelaide. Well, the price are "good" also =.=, 19k for Business Foundation. HELP UC is also offering twinning programme as well ,International Business by University of Queensland! *gasp* No Joke, top university! Arghh, this is real damn stress. *smack head* Some even ask me to try INTI Subang's US programme 4+0 , International Business =.=

I just checked out Singapore's Polytechnic, and ya, the one and only NGEE ANN Polytechnic is offering international business *smack head* I feel like jumping off from the cliff. Well, since it's a new course, not many of the universities/colleges or Polytechnics offer the course that I'm interested in *big sigh*
Friends are getting lesser and lesser in Seremban, all stuck at KLand why the hell I'm still stuck in damn Seremban ?! Gees! Argh! So far, I only know that Aaron is going to HELP UC, second intake also.  So, who's going to HELP UC??
Gosh, I feel like dragging my butt to Taylor now. My friends are there, but of course different course la. Argh, If mum knows it, she'll shout her ass off straight at my face. *risky* She will get piss off if I change my mind again. Shiat!

I'm gonna miss MiMi, who is going to study next week =) Hahahaha!

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