Damn weather, Traffic sucks.

10:43 PM

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Went to The Sphere @ Bangsar South yesterday. Well, we drove all the way to Jalan Loke Yew (Cause mum has something to do), then from there we drove to Bangsar Village, after that Bangsar South, and then back to Petaling Jaya for dinner cause it's Jeremy's Birthday. Shiat, the weather sucks to the max, non-stop raining and the traffic was so terrible. It was a massive jam, the cars are damn siao kia but along the way, you can see different cars, like Volksvagen, BMW sport car, and of course some rich asses car! Gawd, I tweeted all the way from Bangsar South to PJ. I just can't stand the bored !
Yesterday's dinner was all about meat. Chicken, Lamb, Beef, lamb shoulder, chicken organs. They smell, but the grill pineapple was awesome! From that day onwards, they named me - Pineapple queen, it's a long story *pffffbt*

I wonder why people have to apply so many scholarships, and when the time they got chosen, they rejected it and apply for another scholarship, and most of them are rich asses. Why ya? Can anyone tell me a? (I'm not pin-pointing anyone here) But please la, don't be so damn selfish la, try to think for those who really needs it. Why are those people can be so inconsiderate?? Arghh, I'm just ranting here. No really in a blogging mood. There are so many things to worry before my result comes out and also before my college starts. I'm just worry about everything. *Pffffbt* Freaking stress.
Am going to Bangsar for 3 months (Don't ask me why, Cause I don't know the reasons as well) starting from Monday. Nothing much to blog bout, ciao now.

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