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11:30 PM

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I was suppose to blog few days ago, but I just don't have the blogging mood. So, I went down to Mid-Valley with Darlings and the gangs. I end up buying a ring for myself and the 2 darlings bought a jacket and a pair of short pants. Shiat, I wanted that leather biker jacket so damn much, but No, I can't buy (cause I told myself I have to stop buying things. Arghh!)

Lunch @ Kim Gary and yea, something happened (You know it, Alvin!)

Bosco Wong, I'm not a big fan of him xD

What's with Jia Le's hand? Ooops, sorry,it's my fault! LOL

Hey Jacky! Give me back!! xD

My cream soup!

Darling's soup, Bosch soup (If I'm not mistaken )

Our desserts !

Jia Le's Tropical Rainforest!

After that, we headed to The Gardens, and the *ahem* couple went dating.

Fifi boy! Hahahaha,we asked him to strike the pose!

Domo-what? Hahaha, Jia le said, he wants to buy this! LOL

The gangs! I love you guys! =D

Me and darling! Ish, I look so damn weird. Hahahah!

Jia le! Hahaha, soon to be the boss of ?? Hahaha

Yes! I'm the ambassador of The Garden! I love this dress and this picture so much, like who doesn't right?? LOL

Ok, I gotta stop here first. Will be continue blogging tomorrow. I have to finish my TVB drama by today!

♥ Euphorie - éclatant

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  1. Haha...why don't just buy the clothes you like? If I were I sure buy...but can't seem to meet the cloth that I like...maybe 眼光太高...because mostly clothes bought by my mum and dad...I don't really like it choice but to wear them...if not will be a waste...


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