Oh my-David #2

8:10 PM

Current Music : I'mma Be by BEP

Oh boy, David Archuleta is soooo handsome, sweet and charming!

Archie, why can't you be real? =( Man, I love you!

 His smile melts my heart. This is rresistable !

Archie oh Archie, I want you to be my boyfriend =( I told Santa,

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is David Archuleta. I hope you can wrap him in a big box
and put him in front of my bed so the next day I'll see him when I wake up =)

I know it sounds ridiculous, cause I will never have him. Sad case. BUT, there is someone (in my church) looks like him! *OMG* He came to church today, and he played the drum...! *Big sigh* The way he dressed up, the way he smile, all I see is David Archuleta! *heart melts* He wore a checked shirt, a long baggy jeans and he also wore his shades today. Owh, He is charming...

Everyone is back to school tomorrow. How lucky are they ( Children, you must be happy that school reopens cause you still meet your besties and friends). Gawd, I have to stay at home, I haven't even find a part-time job yet, but Joseph's mum offer me to work in her nursery. Honestly speaking, I don't really like children, cause I'm not good at handling them when they cry. p/s : This is why I dislike children. Anyway, I would still think about it.
Those who are taking SAM, AUSMAT, A-level are going to college tomorrow =(  Good luck, friends! From tomorrow onwards, I have to plan my time-schedule, so that I will not rot at home, well, at least I have something to do. Wish me luck yay!

♥ Euphorie - éclatant 

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