Soon to be TAYLOR-ian?

11:46 PM

Yea, as I said I'm soon to be a TAYLOR-ian! Last Saturday, I went to TAYLOR UC to meet the counselor, looking for Business foundation. Thank goodness, they haven't shift to the Lakeside campus yet, or else, I'll just jump off from the cliff.
I was in Subang for the past 2 days, so I was able to meet the counselor. Mum wants to go to Asia cafe, which is just opposite Inti and Taylor. I saw TBS, but they had shifted to Bandar Sunway (Lakeside Campus)And yea, mum asked me to go and meet the counselor and get all the vital informations all by myself. So,I dragged my butt to their office to meet the counselor and get all the infos. It was not as bad as what they said in the education forum. In fact, Taylor-ians are quite friendly, and they're well-mannered. I feel comfortable chatting with the counselor. So, I'll be going for the second intake which is probably March and by that time, I have to go to the newly built campus to register myself.

Taylor's Lakeside Campus.

Besides Lake, Gardens, Hostel, there is also a (damn) grand hotel which will be manage by the students of Hospitality and tourism. *double WOW* No doubt, Taylor's Hospitality and Tourism are quite famous, besides Business studies =D I have to meet the counselor again by this week. About their twinning programme, I'm quite dissapointed at it. First, It's not Australia, but UK(It's not that I hate UK, but their expenses are damn high, SUPERB. And don't ever think of applying their PR over there, cause they are not going to approve any of the PRs' again. Second, Taylor's PR told me,Business Studies will be transferring to either USA or Australia, Shiat! Mum doesn't like it too, but I hope she won't change her freakin' mind again. At least, I have friends, like Joevin, Shawn,(except for that biatch) over there, and church member, like Auntie Peggy, Uncle Gaius staying at Bandar Sunway, so that they can take care of me.

Of course I did do some shopping after that. What for I came all the way down to Subang just to meet the counselor. What a waste if I don't shop kao kao*pfffbt*
I told myself I have to save up my money and don't even think of buying things,but in the end, I bought 2 headbands, 1 necklace and 2 clothes. Screw me*pfffbt* I'm broke now.

This is soooo adorable. It's worth to buy it !

I bought this at No Three No Four. Gawd, I just love their things =D

I also bought these 2 headbands. I love the one with the feather.
p/s: I look nice with headbands, seriously!

And there are another 2 clothes inside my bag. I'm so lazy to take it out from my bag, cause right now, I don't know where the hell I put my damn bag. Ishh. I'm going to shop for more bags and headbands on the next event, which is I-don't-know-when.
Heading down to Mid-Valley tomorrow, hahah, with my darlings and the gangs, of course, MiMi can't join us.

I miss MiMi!

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  1. Lolz.. Since when I became a junk food! haha...
    Miss me leh! I miss you all too!
    Glad to hear you made your decision. Hopefully everything works out for you la. ^^

    btw, I wanna see you in a headband!!! haha. Wear it the next time we meet ya!

  2. Oic...haha my study route will also end in UK too...dont worry about it too much...maybe company in Australia will hire you before you graduate leh...

    Oh ya...thks for yesterday ya...I bet you sure enjoy your day at there...


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