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Gosh, I feel like tearing up the calendar and throwing it into the dustbin when I know that I still have 2 months plus to get my SPM results. Half of my friends have started college, AUSMAT and A-level. And now, I'm stuck between A-level and Foundation in Business, argh! I was late for the registration (A-Level), and I can't go for the first intake, dang it! I'm going to Methodist College on March, yay, for my A-Level. Can't believe that the A-Level that I'm taking is 16 months, damn, 1 year + . After Methodist college, I might either go for HELP University (Ya,  I really need help now) or Taylor's UC, but LimKokWing is still my choice, cause most of them are having twinning program. This is the most important thing, TWINNING program.
Gosh, have to wait for the scholarship. Arghh, damn slow. Wow, can't believe WengErn is going to the same college with me, damn.
I should have done better in my trial exam, so I can get to apply for the damn scholarship and get my butt into college now. Gees, no use to regret now, *bang my head*

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